The maison d'Alice

Ongoing construction commissioned by the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation for the Family of a 10,000 m2 residential centre, designed in consultation with the Cancer Institute, for cancer patients lacking accommodation in Libreville and wishing to be accompanied by a relative if they so desire. Composed of bungalows with terraces arranged around a central square like the traditional villages of Central Africa, the complex allows the sick to retain a social life. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Angondje CHU hospital, the complex includes an administrative centre and common areas, with classrooms for the schooling of young patients. Great importance was given to nature and the illumination of interior spaces during the design of the complex, with the aim of providing residents with a restful environment that is favourable to their recovery.

  • Delivery : 2016
  • Client : Fondation Sylvia Bongo
  • Area : 10,000 sqm.
  • Location : Akanda