The architecture firm

Established in Gabon 30 years ago, Aurore Cardot Architects has since built up a private and public clientele. Whether with office buildings, hotels, administrative buildings, commercial spaces or residential complexes, the firm has distinguished itself from its inception by designing projects with a strong identity.

Aligning elegance and technical sophistication, contemporary design and climate (environment), programme requirements and international standards, quality of materials and project economy, the firm has always focused on providing a targeted response reflecting the personality and values of each of its clients.

Rejecting a one-size-fits-all approach, Aurore Cardot customizes each project it develops, focusing on the use that will be made of the premises and the continuity of its accomplishments in the urban space.

True to this commitment, the firm brings together professionals with complementary profiles and cultures, including many who have international experience. Each project is driven by these internal and external talents, particularly through partnerships with independent professionals and specialists.

In addition to its two main distinct departments, Aurore Cardot Architecture and Aurore Cardot Interior, which allow it to provide a comprehensive offer based on its recognized experience, Aurore Cardot now helps its clients, both individuals and institutions, to define their real estate policy and investment choices thanks to its new department Aurore Cardot Real Estate. Clients can now be supported throughout their real estate venture, from the moment they state the intention for their project to the delivery and fitting out of their building.

With these strengths, Aurore Cardot Architecture has succeeded in building a loyal clientele who appreciates the involvement of its founder, the dedication of its teams, the independence of the firm and the added value of the advice provided.

Today, Aurore Cardot Architects is one of the most prestigious architecture firms in Libreville.