Le Cabinet d’Architecture Aurore Cardot réalise actuellement une villa à Akanda, au Nord de Libreville. D’une superficie d’environ 800 m² sur deux niveaux, cette résidence, aux lignes résolument contemporaines et réalisée pour le compte d’un particulier, va s’élever sur un terrain d’un peu plus d’un demi-hectare dans un environnement paysager très raffiné.

Construction of the housing complex dedicated to cancer patients requiring accommodation near Libreville hospital is ongoing. Supported by the Sylvia Bongo Ondimba Foundation, the Maison d’Alice was designed by Aurore Cardot Architects by integrating the human dimension of the centre’s vocation.
Inspired by traditional village squares in Central Africa, the site is taking shape. It already allows us to see how the future accommodation amenities will be arranged around a central location. The various studios making up the complex include terraces that will improve social interaction between patients, with each dwelling offering an extra bed for close relatives.
The firm relied on a clean-lined, functional and rational approach to design respecting centuries-old African architectural codes, the creation of connections between the different locations to facilitate interaction and movement, and the use of traditional materials so that patients can easily feel at home and benefit from optimal conditions to receive their care.
The Maison d'Alice was delivered in July 2016.
The inauguration of the Gabonese Embassy building in Paris, on Avenue Raphaël in the 16th arrondissement, took place in December 2013.
Following a full eight-floor restructuring and compliance with safety and disabled access standards pertaining to public buildings and the workplace, the building now meets the needs of the new functional organization of the Republic's foreign representatives.

To better meet its clients’ diverse needs, Aurore Cardot Architects has established three departments and developed an identity that is specific to each area of ​​expertise: architecture - interiors - real estate.